Ambassador program

For who?

Our ambassador program is designed for those who want to earn their royalties for attracting other projects to cooperate with us. For each attracted project with which we will make a deal, you will get your % of our deal income.

What we offer?

We create games not only for ourselves. Anyone can apply, and we can change our game to suit them. What exactly can we change as part of a partnership project? - The visual part. We can change everything down to the smallest icons - Mathematics of prizes and all in-game costs. - We can add and remove different tokens in the Solana network according to the needs of the project partner. (new blockchains soon) - Other details we can discuss directly with the project.

How it works?

To get your %, you need to attract at least 1 project to cooperate with us. How you do it is up to you. Once you understand that the project is ready to collaborate, you need to create a ticket in "Quackpot: partnership" discord server and go through these steps:

Copy/paste this text into the ticket you created and change the text to fit the project you are inviting:


  1. Theme: Ambassador Program

  2. Project name: "Danger Valley"

  3. Project twitter link:

  4. Project discord link:

  5. Chain: Solana

  6. Project contact: remesher#9627 (Specify the discord id of the person you invited to collaborate with us. Make sure that this person has joined "Quackpot: partnership" discord server)

After that, we will add that person to the dialog in the ticket you created. We reserve the right to remove you from this dialog if the project wants us to, as part of the confidentiality of our dialog. After the partnership agreement with the project, we will contact you to tell you further actions to receive your income from this agreement. All project returns from our deal will be free access, so you don't have to worry that we will hide anything from you.

What will I get my % for?

From the entire return on our deal with the project. Each of our games has its own monetary turnover. You will receive your income from all the turnover that our deal will bring.

How much I can earn?

Up to 10% of all deal income. It depends on what terms we agree to cooperate with the project.

What projects should I attract?

The project should definitely have an artist/designer who will redraw the games for them. And the project must be on the Solana network (for now) There are no more complex selection criteria yet.

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