x2? x3? x5? x10? x100? - which one you select?

How does Crash work?

Well, I'll write this doc one day. I created this page to describe the NFT airdrops in Crash :)

How do we drop NFTs in Crash?

It's easy as pie. Once the NFT prize pool is ready to drop an NFT, we select the user with the highest loss in Crash since the last NFT airdrop. Works only for SOL.

How To Play

  1. Connect your Solana wallet.

  2. Deposit $SOL or SPL token to your balance.

  3. Select a token in which you want to play.

  4. Pick the bet amount and cashout multiplier.

  5. Make as many bets as you want.

  6. Wait for the rocket.

  7. If it gets to your multiplier without the explosion - you won your X.

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