Referral Program

The more you invite, the more you earn. The concept is simple. You invite a person to the game, that person invites the next person, and that person invites another person. You earn on each one. But there is a limit:

How it works?

In your profile, on the quakpot platform, you can see all the referrals you have invited to the game. If your list of referrals is empty and you want to start earning your % from their game, you need to copy your referral link and send it to those whom you want to invite to the game. After they join the game, deposit funds to the game balance and pay the fee, you will receive deductions from this fee.

How long is the referral chain?

We have created a chain that works 4 steps ahead (pic. 1).

How much can I earn on referrals?

We charge a 3% fee on any withdraw on the platform. But you will get your % from each deposit by your invited referrals. In any supported crypto they deposit. You will earn directly on deposits, and we'll charge a fee later on withdrawals.

  • 1st chain Referral 16% (from the 3% fee)

  • 2nd chain Referral (who was invited by the 1st one) 8% (from the 3% fee)

  • 3rd chain Referral (who was invited by the 2nd one) 4% (from the 3% fee)

  • 4th chain Referral (who was invited by the 3rd one) 2% (from the 3% fee)

How often will I receive payments?

This process is automated. Every time one of your referrals deposits funds, you will receive a % of their payment on your game balance.

Useful tips

  • You can place a referral link in the description of your social networks to attract more people to the game. That way you can earn more money.

  • You can add your referral QR code to your Twitter and Discord banners. That way, you'll attract more people and earn more money.

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