Loot Boxes

Different loot boxes for different prices.

There is a chance to win $SOL, $BEAK or NFTs from the top Solana collections.

How To Play

  1. Connect your Solana wallet.

  2. Deposit $SOL or SPL token to your balance.

  3. Select a token in which you want to play.

  4. Win a loot box in any game by playing it.

  5. Select the token that corresponds to the price of the loot box.

  6. Go to the loot boxes game mechanics, or open it as soon as you win.

  7. If you have switched to the loot boxes game - select the loot box you want to open.

  8. Click “Details” to see what you could win.

  9. Click "Open" to open your loot box.

  10. Congrats, you’re now a degen.

What's inside the boxes?

  • $BEAK

  • $SOL

  • NFTs

What are the odds?

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