Chat Rules

  1. HODL the FUD: Keep the negativity at bay and don't be a moon-hater.

  2. No FOMO Spamming: Don't spam the chat with constant FOMO messages.

  3. Stay on the Chain: Keep the conversation related to crypto and blockchain.

  4. No KYC: Keep your personal information private and don't share sensitive details like your wallet address.

  5. No Whales in Dark Waters: Don't engage in any illegal activities like pumping and dumping or insider trading.

  6. No NSFW: Keep it clean and don't post anything not safe for work.

  7. No BULL or BEAR Flag: Don't use excessive capitalization, emoticons, or exclamation points.

By following these simple rules, you can help create a chill and profitable atmosphere for everyone in the chat.

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